After years, I got back to ruby and rails development. There's a lot of exciting changes in language, framework and gems, and I couldn't wait to dive into coding in RoR again.

I've decided I'll start light on the env setup, and just spin up a good old Vagrant, to not mess up my machine environme...

I thought it would be beneficial to see how I could improve my mentoring sessions. Not only the way I set these up, but also in what I react to, how I communicate, if I analyze challenges right on the fly, etc. To do this effectively, recording sessions was the first step. I checked with client and they agreed and even welcomed the idea.

Did you ever need to check what your Realm database contains during development? Do you need to modify Realm data and verify the changes in your emulator?

How to cleanup android emulator data? What to do when emulator gets stuck while starting Remote JS debugging?