I'm a programming enthusiast, applications developer, coding addict... I just love programming and software development.

As far as I can remember, I was always fascinated by the world of computers. My first programming attempts began in child age, in my 8 years, on legendary 8-bit ZX Spectrum, using its Basic and later even assembler.

I'm detail oriented when it comes to code quality and strict about how to structure and organize project code. I prefer to go full stack when possible, to get a better understanding of domain model, design database scheme, add API support and backend layer, connect it to UI and make it all move and shine.

However, I'm also capable of creating MVPs or prototypes of web apps. If you're interested check details of my Two Days Prototype service.

I consider myself open minded when it comes to studying new programming techniques, principles, platforms, etc. I always welcome new experience and knowledge for I like to extend my skills.

These days, I focus on advanced javascript, prototyping, UX design, python, and dev-ops area. I also like to learn new things, read various kinds of books and drink a lot of loose tea. Oh, and I love to travel across the globe.

Take a look at my projects portfolio to get an idea of what I worked on before. Or you can visit my LinkedIn profile for more details about my skills.