A programming enthusiast, applications developer, and an avid learner.

I'm detail oriented when it comes to code quality, and about how to structure and organize project code. I prefer to go full stack when possible, to get a better understanding of domain model, design database scheme, add API support and backend layer, connect it to UI and make it all click and shine. I'm a big fan of iterative design and development, and I like creating MVPs and prototypes of web apps. I prefer pragmatic approach and I don't see DRY as a must-do.

I consider myself open minded when it comes to studying new programming techniques, principles, platforms, etc. I always welcome new experience and knowledge for I like to extend my skills.

Working remotely since 2009, I've been part of several Silicon Valley startups, and also experienced global corporate. I've wore couple of hats over that time, from individual contributor, to architect, team lead, or internal project manager. Along the road, I bootstrapped several side projects, either alone, or with friends.

Take a look at my projects portfolio to see my pet projects and my I work before I went for full-time employment. Read about my journey, experience, lessons learned in the blog section.

What can I do for You?


I can help you design, prototype, implement, and deliver your web and mobile apps. From lo-fi wireframes to production.


I'm ready to help you with backend and frontend development, testing setup, build process automation, and getting CI/CD into order.


Are you running in circles with decisions? Would your team welcome some practice or tech guidance? I'm here for you.

Pet projects I worked on recently

Web application for material, contractors, and service bidding and mediation.

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Web application for simple roadmaps and team assignments visualization.

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A simple web and mobile application for splitting bills and expenses with friends.

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