Web application for material, contractors, and service bidding and mediation.

I implemented public website presentation based on designs, to allow users ask for material, contractor, and service bids.

For the customer, I designed, prototyped and implemented back office portion, where they can:

  • manage inquiries, filter them and move to various states of process
  • manage material/services providers and assign bids to them
  • manage references, ads banners and their customers

Implemented in ruby on rails, I configured and managed virtual server, deployment pipeline. I learned tailwindcss and used Stimulus.js for better UX.

This app is live since 2021: stavimesvepomoci.cz

Website screenshots

Stavime Svepomoci website screenshot Stavime Svepomoci website screenshot

Manage web app screenshot

Stavime Svepomoci manage screenshot Stavime Svepomoci manage screenshot

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