Web application for simple roadmaps and team assignments visualization.

I designed, prototyped and implemented the app, allowing users to:

  • sign up and add projects
  • for each project, define members and their tasks
  • tasks only have minimal amount of required information
  • users can reassign tasks to different members and dates using drag & drop

This was a solo development project, where I worked on:

  • low fidelity UX and UI prototyping on paper
  • desktop web app with focus on simplicity, using Ant Design system
  • backend APIs and integrations with Auth0 users management, and Brintree payment gateway
  • GitLab pipeline to automate zero-downtime deployment process, from code merge to produciton

Team Toolset was my pet project, to keep track of what developers in my team are working on, and to help me identify gaps and overlaps. As the name suggests, the idea is to have more features added, that help with visualization of team's work load, planning, decisions and estimating.

This app is live since 2020: teamtoolset.com

App screenshots

Team Toolset web app screenshot Team Toolset web app screenshot Team Toolset web app screenshot

Website screenshot

Team Toolset website screenshot

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